Milazzo is an Italian town of 31,259 inhabitants of the metropolitan city of Messina in Sicily.

Founded by the Greeks in 761 B.C. and 36 B.C. and recognised as a Roman civitas, the city was at the centre of history even during the First Punic War (260 B.C.), and in July 1860 with the arrival of Garibaldi and the red shirts in the great Battle of Milazzo. There are numerous testimonies and symbols of the millenary history of the city.

A peninsula, crossroads of European history, protected for thousands of years by its Castle, seven hectares of military fortress that make it the largest fortified citadel in Sicily.

From the Castle, along a scenic staircase, you enter to the heart of the village, now a natural setting for the nightlife and where are located the prestigious local churches. Among these, the Dominican Church of the Madonna del Rosario (1538), with its eighteenth-century cloister.
Equally suggestive, in the same area, is the monumental complex of the Sanctuary of San Francesco di Paola and the conventat its inside you can admire the statue of Maria with the baby carved from “Gagini”.

The borgo is linked by narrow little streets and old stairs to the popular maritime quarter of Vaccarella. In this area the fishermen still go fishing according to secular art with their typical wooden spears, hoisted along the small beach.

The landscape and naturalistic aspect of Milazzo make this city even more fascinating. Capo Milazzo divides the coast into two parts, the western part Riviera di ponente. It is a long expanse of gravel, wide and cleaneasy to reach for the bathers. Also Riviera di Levante which is been enclosed as protected area, where you can enjoy amazing seabeds during your scuba diving.
In the background, the large size of the Aeolian Islands characterizes the entire landscape.
A few steps from the port and our property the pedestrian Via Medici, “living room” of the city and ideal place for shopping.

Milazzo boasts a privileged position to reach two of the most important international tourist destinations of Sicily: the Aeolian Archipelago and the City of Taormina.